mindfulness meditation & stress reduction

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22nd | 11:30 AM- 12.30PM | $20 | Linda Fuller

Linda Fuller, C-IAYT is a Certified Yoga Therapist, Stress management Specialist
Add a salt session for $15 after the workshop ($30 savings)

“Do not dwell in
the past, do not
dream of the
concentrate the
mind on the

Scientific evidence based research has proven that mindfulness meditation, breathing practices and sleep inducing techniques Helps lower anxiety & stress levels.

How can this class help you?
This class will provide you with tool you can use daily, to improve your quality of life and overall health, in a supportive, positive community setting

Nourish Grow Bloom Community Experience


A community dining experience with Dianes Cafe of Roslyn .

Your evening will include a nourishing & delicious dinner, guest speaker, Dr. Pina Logiudice, Naturopathic Doctor & Author followed by a sound healing in the serenity of the Salt Cave.

reiki restore reset


An evening of Reiki, restorative yoga and angel card readings in the tranquil aura of the salt cave to reset, renew, and restore yourself. Classical restorative yoga postures and guided breath work will be given to create gentle openings and balance between the mind and body along with Reiki, the ancient form of universal energetic healing. End with a card for guidance, clarity, and direction. Don’t miss out on this powerful night of self-healing, harmony, and transformation.

-Stephanie, RYT, BFA, is a certified Yoga Alliance and Reiki instructor with specializations in classical restorative yoga, movement therapy and meditation. Known for her soothing tone, voice and guided intuitive sequences, Stephanie helps individuals to create and feel an experience of the self-soul-spirit

Take time for you

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 16TH | 7:00 PM - 8:15 PM | $50 | INSTRUCTOR - Tildet Varon

Join us for a multi-dimensional healing at Roslyn Salt Cave.

A unique mini vacation of 60 minutes to nourish your body, mind and spirit.

The session will be guided by Tildet, she is an inner mastery specialist, Reiki Master and instructor and meditation teacher who has helped thousands of people live healthier, happier, and fulfilled lives.

Reiki healing circle


Roslyn Salt Cave is collaborating with Gina Duffy from Equinox Roslyn.
Gina Duffy is a Master Reiki practitioner and the Fitness Manager at Equinox in Roslyn as well as a certified personal trainer who has been practicing Reiki since 2009.

The Reiki Circle is a select group of people that will create an opportunity for a clearing and healing space. The Circle holds the energy for collective healing.

Gina is the conduit that facilitates and creates a sacred space, a safe haven where she work with clients to clear and create space for higher vibrations that brings about healing changes and breakthroughs.

What Gina’s Clients are saying:
I have had 2 Reiki sessions with Gina, both far exceeding expectations. I initially scheduled my first session because the palpable energy Gina brings to her environment but not truly knowing what I was signing up for. What I know for sure is have I come into both sessions with immense burdens weighing on my energy without being able to truly put my finger on what exactly was going on. Gina then created a safe environment that allowed me to put my walls down. This environment allows for great insight, however the true relief comes the hours and days after. The session itself and Gina’s words feel like seeds planted that sprout in your minds eye at the perfect moments later on creating space for peace.
Chrissy A.

Gina is a very special soul. Her ability to tap deep into the essence of another with a healing grace is undeniable. My experience with her during my reiki session was transforming. I felt safe and embraced while surrounded by the loving presence of something infinite. I left the session feeling clarity, grounded and revitalized. I highly recommend connecting with Gina through reiki.
Pattie D.

Opening Your Intuition Using Crystals: 


Crystals are Alive. They are powerful “beings” that have “grown” in the earth. When they are found and “birthed” out of the earth, they are ready to work with us. Crystals carry an electromagnetic field that can be felt by your body, spirit, and mind. You can categorize them by their colors and shapes. Each variation of crystals carries unique vibrations that affect your physical body, chakras, emotions and energy field. You can learn to speak with the “spirit” that exists in the crystal to increase your intuitive abilities.

In the workshop, you will experience a variety of powerful crystals through meditation, visualization and on-the-spot readings. You will learn that crystals perform the following functions for us:

*Cleansing -- they can communicate and release the “seeds” of illnesses and beliefs in the cells of your body

*Grounding -- they come from the earth. They assist you in bringing you more fully into your body--remembering you are here to enjoy your experience on earth. 

*Magnifying -- they work with you to enhance and assist in developing your own intuitive  and healing abilities

As a final part of the workshop, we will design and build a crystal mandala with a group intention in the cave! 

Tori Quisling, clairvoyant practitioner, teacher, author and founder of the NY Center for Clairvoyant Development offers readings, classes and workshops in Intuitive Development. She has been featured for her talents in the NY Daily News, the Today Show, CBS News, WPIX 11, and Fuse TV. www.ToriQuisling.com

primal sacred sound healing

SUNDAY OCT.20th | 4:30 - 6:00 PM | $60 | DAVID KENNET

Primal Sacred Sound Immersion is an ancient journey within. Using voice, drum, flute, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, David offers a sonic exploration that helps reconnect us with our Heart center as well as communicate with all of our body systems. During this empowering sound healing, each participant will receive a one-on-one, customized "soul song" to help balance the body, mind, and spirit.

About David:

David Kennet is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Holistic Allergist, musician, voice coach, and Certified Massage Therapist.

At age 21 David made his debut at New York City's Lincoln Center with the internationally acclaimed a cappella group the Star-Scape Singers. He has sung and offered workshops across Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and China. He shares over 25 years experience utilizing the “open voice” and is a protege of the late Canadian metaphysician Kenneth G. Mills. David also studied with sound healers Tom Kenyon and Jonathan Goldman and is a member of the Sound Healers Association.

In addition to his private professional practice, David also offers lectures on the practical application of sound therapy at the University of Santa Barbara California, Antioch University, the International Naturopathic Medical Student Association conference and Bastyr University in San Diego.

Psychic MEDIUM Gallery READING







Nov 15th only 2 spots left at 9pm

This gallery style reading will be limited to 8 people per session and take place in the healing salt cave!. You can either sign up for the 7.30pm session, or the 9pm session.

Joseph sells out quickly!!!

About Joseph:

Psychic Medium Joseph D'Airo is a Seer, Activator, and Visionary Artist who has bee connecting to spirit all of his life. He channels the guidance and wisdom our loved ones, ancestors, spirit guides, angels, and other higher powers to help clients achieve their highest potential. As a Seer and Activator, Joseph connects with Spirit and communicates their guidance to help those he reads on their journey in creating a richer, more fulfilling life. As a Visionary Artist, Joseph channels imagery from spirit to create beautiful illustrations for spiritual and emotional healing. Joseph is amazed by the many facets of the Universe and he continuers to expand his knowledge. Joseph is well versed in crystals, past lives, Feng Shui, astrology, and numerology to further assist in giving messages. Joseph connects to spirit using all senses: hearing, seeing, feeling and intuitive knowing. "My messages from spirit are meant to give us guidance on our journey in discovering who we are."

yinyang yoga

Weekend Wind Down



SUNDAYS | 10:00 - 11:15 AM | $35 | INSTRUCTOR - JOYCE COBB

Yin / Yang style of Yoga is a unique offering that combines the movement of a Vinyasa class that flows into a slower Yin practice. In this class we practice both the ability to be strong through movement and then also explore releasing into longer Yin stretches. This allows us to stretch the tendons, ligaments and muscles as we challenge the body and mind to be both strong and surrender.

Join North Shore Elite Yoga and Roslyn Salt Cave as we bring you this amazing 75 minute workshop in the beauty of a Himalayan Salt Cave. Not only does the beauty offer the opportunity to immerse yourself deeper into your practice but there are immense health benefits. Many of them will work along side your practice such as the ability to breath better.


Kundalini Yoga & Meditation with Paula Jennings (Anand Jiwan Kaur)

Join Paula for a Kundalini yoga & meditation experience in the Roslyn Salt Cave. Through breath, movement, and mantra we will reset, rejuvenate & rejoice. This Friday evening series is designed to support
In winding down our week in community with gratitude. We will close out the evening by relaxing into a deeply soothing meditation to align us the sense of clarity and a lightness of being that comes with this experience.

shine Yoga & guided meditation


The energy of Saturday is reflective & based on spiritual disciplines to reflect on the passing week, let go of stress energies , and create space for Healing! Each week be prepared to BREATHE DEEPLY, MOVE WITH INTENTION, EMPTY UNNECESSARY THOUGHTS & REBOOT YOUR ENERGY. 

In 2012, Stacey Lynn created SHINE; A Supportive Healing Inspiring Nurturing Energizing Wellness program for Children & Adults. Her program, sparked by her deeply transformational teaching experiences at Sunrise Day Camp on Long Island , an  oasis for children fighting pediatric cancer, motivated her to create programming for inpatients at Cohen Children’s Medical Center in New Hyde Park.

Stacey has compiled twenty years of professional training with International Master teachers, which includes: over 1,000 hours of Yoga Trainings, and two decades of  Inner Studies, based on Meditative Buddhist practices. 

Stacey teaches “more than just a physical practice, she offers SUPPORT, SAFETY,SINCERITY, HEALING,INSPIRATION, & NOURISHMENT FOR THE SOUL” confirms a devoted student .