45 MINUTES | $145

The Chakra system begins at the base of the spine and moves through each chakra to the top of the head. Each chakra is associated with color, shape, different aspects of life, glands, physical and psychological challenges, and much more. Reiki transmutes life force energy into a spiritual evolution at a higher consciousness. Let go of low lying energies which no longer serve you. 


50 MINUTES | $165 in massage room, or $195 in the Private Salt Cave

Experience a customized blend of the purest essential oils from doTTERA with Reiki healing and IET with our certified instructor Linda Fuller. Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) sessions use angelic energy to work directly with your body’s cellular memory and energy field to get the “issues out of your tissues” for good. IET helps you to safely and gently release limiting energy patterns from your past, empower and balance your life in the present, and embody your full potential as you move into your future. This healing combination will awaken and align the chakra system and energize the body, mind and spirit in the most peaceful way.

This service can be experienced in the Private Salt Cave for 50 minutes for $195 or in one of our beautiful regular treatment rooms for 50 minutes for $165.50.

pranic healing

50 MINUTES | $165 in Private Salt Massage Room

What is Pranic Healing ? Pranic Healing is a highly evolved and tested system of energy medicine, which utilizes Prana; life force energy , to balance , harmonize and transform the body’s energy processes. Over time, our chakras(energy bodies) get congested from negative thoughts & vibrations . Pranic Healing is an amazingly powerful system which cleanses, energizes & stabilizes the chakras. 

During this One hour treatment in the Salt Healing Cave , Stacey will begin with hands on cranial, face , neck and feet to set the intention for a safe and deeply therapeutic healing experience. As this journey unfolds, you will be guided through a powerful  chakral energy clearing & meditation, while a low vapor concentration of Himalayan Salt is pumped into the air. You will feel clear, light, joyful, and grounded!!

Stacey is offering Individual, Couples, & Group Pranic Healing sessions.

Stacey Lynn, 500-hr RYT & Integrative Wellness Practitioner, offers Yoga & Meditation classes throughout the Long Island community. With twenty years of experience and training, Stacey has taught at schools, camps, hospitals , health expos & corporate events. In 2012, Stacey created S.H.I.N.E, a Mindfulness corporate events. In 2012, Stacey created S.H.I.N.E, a Mindfulness program; a compilation of highly effective, easily accessible & researched teachings for children & adults coping with trauma. These tools include therapeutic breathing , gentle yoga, guided imagery, meditation , Reiki, & Pranic Healing. Today, Stacey offers weekly survivorship & trauma Today, Stacey offers weekly survivorship & trauma sensitive programming at Northwell’s Cohen Children’s Medical Center, The Integrative Wellness Center & The Sid Jacobson JCC.

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☆ Intuitive Readings - We are excited to offer various Intuitive Readings depending on your specific goals. Our readers are available for individual sessions, or in a group setting. Call to schedule so we can connect you with the perfect reader that meets your needs.

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